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United States Courthouse, New York

The United States Courthouse was one of the last buildings designed by the architect Cass Gilbert. He was born in Zanesville, Ohio in 1859 and went on to design many landmarks such as the Customs House at Bowling Green, the Woolworth Building and the Broadway Chambers Building. The U.S. Courthouse was constructed 1933-1936 and is Neo-Classicism in design. The most common features of this style are colonnades and arches and the overall building design usually has a pronounced base with a ceremonial entrance, a middle shaft with little decoration and a distinctive top. The Courthouse building is 590 feet tall and has 32 floors. The tower has 24 storeys and is topped by a golden pyramidal roof. Gilbert died in 1934 in England while the Courthouse was still under construction and his son, Cass Gilbert Junior finished the project. Foley Square and its buildings were built over the infamous Five Points neighbourhood named for the points in the 1830's created by the intersection of Mulberry, Anthony, Cross, Orange and Little Water Street.


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