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Cedar Breaks National Park

Cedar Breaks National Monument.This natural coliseum is more than 2000 feet deep and over 3 miles across; it.s filled with stone spires, arches and columns. Admission costs $3 and there is a visitor centre. There is a 5-mile road through the monument, which offers easy access to scenic outlooks and trailheads. Allow 35- 45 minutes to make the drive. Start at the visitor centre and nearby Point Supreme for a panoramic view of the amphitheater. Then drive north, past the campground to Sunset View for a closer look of the canyons. From each of these overlooks, you.ll be able to see out across Cedar Valley, over the Antelope and Black Mountains, into the Escalante Desert.Continue north to Chessman Ridge Overlook, then north to Alpine Pond. Finally you.ll reach North View which offers the best look into the amphitheatre. Elevation is 10,000 feet and it was very cold, but beautiful when we were there in September.


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